After 49 years, Israel news show scrapped hour before airing

May 9, 2017

With an emotional signoff, Israel's longest running TV news program has run its last episode after a sudden cancellation following a political battle with the prime minister

Turkey's referendum campaign unfair, Erdogan opponents say

Mar 19, 2017

Opposition figures in Turkey say they have faced threats, violence, arbitrary detentions, a lack of TV airtime and even sabotage in the campaign for a referendum on expanding the president's powers

CNN chief: Politicians should oppose Trump's attack on media

Mar 7, 2017

The president of CNN says it is "shocking" to watch the political establishment's silence regarding President Donald Trump's attacks on the media, calling it an abdication of their responsibility

Iran defeats US at freestyle wrestling world cup

Feb 17, 2017

Iran's wrestling team has defeated the United States wrestling team to win gold medal in the Freestyle World Cup

Lebanese president in Egypt, day after defending Hezbollah

Feb 13, 2017

Lebanon's newly elected president visits Egypt, a day after defending militant Hezbollah group to an Egyptian TV station

Egypt shuts down organization treating torture victims

Feb 9, 2017

Egyptian police have shut down an organization that treats victims of torture and trauma

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