1GRC Announces Partnership with Grandeo, Blockchain Innovator Firm

1GRC, top governance risk, and compliance provider has announced a partnership with Grandeo which happens to be a leading blockchain innovator firm. The partnership was formed to tackle security and privacy challenges and improve cybersecurity. 


[London] dated January 10th, 2020: Top governance risk and compliance provider 1GRC has recently announced that they had their merger with Grandeo which is a blockchain innovator company. Owing to this integration, things are going to improve radically as one will be able to both prove and maintain the integrity of compliance evidence. At the same time, it would also make it easy to manage the access rights and secure the sharing of the different compliance documents as and when needed.


The secure blockchain network offered by Grandeo is such that the sensitive and confidential data can be protected both when it is being stored and even during the transit phase. Details of who accessed the record and when, where, and how can also be retrieved as and when needed. 


Adrian Wright, the CEO of 1GRC was quoted as saying, “Our customers are increasingly concerned about protecting sensitive internal audit and compliance data, and in particular evidential documentation which may be held for up to 10 years in our system. The integration of Grandeo blockchain protection with our GRC technology delivers to customers the level of assurance they need.”


No doubt, this partnership is going to create some new opportunity breakthroughs and it could radically improve the way security requirements are handled. Given the kind of sensitive information present in some of the top documents which have to be assessed while carrying out governance risk and compliance, the need was felt to address the security aspect.


This is why after thorough consideration and significant analysis, the decision was made to merge our respective technologies and this might just be the answer to the endless threats and cyber breach which otherwise tend to occur. With these best of safety measures, it would be hard for intruders to otherwise steal such important information and access them in an unauthorized manner.


To know more about the blockchain company, one can visit https://grandeo.net/

For details on 1GRC, one may visit https://1grc.com/


About 1GRC:

1GRC happens to be one of the top governance risks and compliance providers as they carry out analysis for different organizations and gather a plethora of documents to assess the status of the assets, entities, and even processes.


Media Contact: 

Contact Person 1GRC:      Adrian Wright

Contact Number: +44(0)7803 639704

Email-id: info@1grc.com

Website: https://1grc.com/

Contact Person Grandeo: Nigel Carter

Contact Number: +44(0)7917 712868

Email-id: nc@grandeo.co

Website: https://1grc.com/


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