Chiropractor For Athletes In Los Angeles Shares New Success Story

January 15, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Dr. James Hogan of Los Angeles, California based Active Body Chiro-Care, a holistic chiropractor that specializes in athletic injuries, has shared a new success story from one of his most recent patients. The patient approached Dr. Hogan as a last resource, with few hopes on improving their condition. Over the years, the local clinic has helped hundreds of patients overcome their injuries and go back to practicing the sport they love, earning a distinguished reputation for being among the most successful practitioners in the area.

While Dr. Hogan has helped several patients overcome their injuries, he still makes an effort to share some of his most recent success stories, as he hopes that they will inspire new patients to seek help and relief for their injuries. In this specific case, Dr. Hogan helped a patient who had been suffering from recurring headaches for several years.

The success story, as related by P. Kelley through the Google platform, states, "I’ve been suffering from pretty bad headaches after I work out, to the point where it would ruin my whole day, and I’ve actually put off doing anything strenuous for over a year now. Hydration is not the issue, I drink more water than a fish. I’ve been to several doctors, including my primary care physician, a neurologist, and a cardiologist for good measure. None of them could find anything wrong, and I ended up being prescribed some pain relievers to take before I work out. Well, I don’t want to do that so, thankfully, I was introduced to Dr. Horgan through a friend. He explained to me how the top two vertebrae in my neck were misaligned and causing compression and irritation. This, after a hard workout like a spin class, it would trigger a pretty bad headache."

Cases like these are a common occurrence, as Dr. Hogan remarks that most of the patients he has treated as a chiropractor in West Los Angeles had already consulted with several other doctors in different areas of practice but found no satisfactory answer to their ailments. He states, "The answer is never simple in cases like this, and you could visit tens of different specialists before you come across one who finds the source of your discomfort. This does not mean that you should stop looking for it, but rather that you should be open to trying new things, and welcoming of other areas of practice that you have not tried yet."

Kelley continues, "Immediately after my first treatment where he decompressed my neck and allowed increased blood flow, I noticed that I was sleeping much better than I had in years. I was still a little nervous to workout (again, the headaches would ruin the rest of my day), but after the second follow up visit, I decided to give it a go. I am happy to report that after a light workout, the headache was not there anymore. Not even a glimpse of a headache was present. This is a huge win for me and I owe it all to Dr. Hogan."

While Kelley's case was special since the source of his discomfort was not directly related to a sports injury, Dr. Hogan urges athletes to have regular chiropractic appointments. He states that it is common for them to attempt to treat their injuries by themselves, especially beginner athletes. This usually involves applying ice to the affected area and waiting for the discomfort to go away. While this provides immediate pain relief, Dr. Hogan states that this can delay the recovery of their injuries, causing them to not heal properly and become more prone to aggravation further down the line. The only way to avoid this and ensure a full recovery after a sports injury is to visit a chiropractor for athletes in Los Angeles.

Active Body Chiro-Care’s website features a complete description of the services offered by Dr. Hogan, which includes Spinal Adjustment in West Los Angeles, Shoulder Pain, and Sports Injury treatments. Additionally, those in need of a reliable chiropractor for athletes may reach out to Dr. Hogan to get started on their healing journey.


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